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Let’s discuss how to build products customers love.

Join Autobooks VP of Product & Experience Derik Sutton and VP of Customer Acquisition Chris Spiek as they explore how to use customer insights to build better products that drive adoption.

 Monday, April 29 at 2pm EST / 11 am PST

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Join AFT members Chris Spiek and Derik Sutton from Autobooks as they build upon Derik’s presentation from the 2019 Spring Summit.

In the presentation, Derik introduced the methodology used by Autobooks to include the customer in the product development process. This webinar will pick up where that presentation left off, providing more insights into the Jobs-to-be-Done framework used by Autobooks.
What You'll Learn

Joining Derik on this webinar will be Chris Spiek, VP of Customer Acquisition at Autobooks. Before joining Autobooks, Chris co-founded a consulting company that helped companies like Facebook, Intercom, and Dropbox improve product strategy by applying Jobs-to-be-Done to better understand the customer and the progress they are trying to make.

You'll learn Jobs-to-be-Done fundamentals, including:

  • Introduction to involving the customer in product development
  • What’s the benefit of designing for a customer’s desired outcomes versus designing for a customer’s demographic
  • What causes a customer to “switch” their behavior from one solution to another