Building the Small Business Case


The topic of small business banking has never been more relevant.  Join Community Bankers Association of Georgia Member Fitech, along with their partner Autobooks, to learn more about the small business market and why it's time to upgrade small business banking.  


Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • The new competition for small business relationships
  • The number one need of every small business owner
  • How your bank can transform itself in 90 days to better serve small businesses


Join us Thursday September 10th at 10:00am CT

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Why is it time to Upgrade Small Business Banking?


The topic of small business in banking has never been more relevant.  Banks have spent the past several months helping small businesses across the country apply for and receive SBA relief loans.  As business begins to return to normal, banks are now in search of digital banking solutions that help small businesses better manage their business finances and operations online, especially when it comes to accepting customer payments.  


The challenge for financial institutions is that the competition for small business relationships is no longer limited to traditional banking competitors.  Many small businesses are now turning to non-bank providers, like QuickBooks or PayPal, out of a need to accept online payments.  This presents a problem for banks, as most of the non-bank providers now offer offer deposit, credit, and lending products that directly compete with the bank.  


Quickbooks announces their own business bank account service


Fitech, along with its software partner Autobooks, partners with banks so that a small businesses can get paid online and manage their business back office directly with their bank, and not a non-bank provider.  


Join this webinar to learn:

  • How non-bank providers are targeting small businesses 
  • Why small businesses must now offer online payment options to their customers
  • How Fitech and Autobooks can upgrade your small business banking experience