Are you still wasting time stitching a dozen systems together, just so customers can pay electronically?

You're tired of waiting weeks at a time for checks in the mail — or worse, managing messy cash payments with pen-and-paper tracking.

But when customers want to pay by credit card, you've probably suffered one of these headaches:

Spending a weekend at your computer, trying to connect your business checking account with a third-party processor

Keeping track of post-it notes with sensitive customer credit card details on them

Waiting days at a time to get paid, while your money sits locked up with your third-party processor

Unhelpful, faceless customer support when issues with your third-party processor arise

Playing voicemail tag with customers who need to share payment details by phone

Paying a near-3% fee for every transaction — and closer to 4% if you have to manually key in your customer's credit card details for them

Wishing for a faster, easier and cheaper way to accept electronic payments?

Then Autobooks is for you.

Autobooks is one of the simplest ways for customers to pay you by credit card — directly into your business checking account (no third-party processor needed).

With Autobooks, it's a breeze to...

Let customers pay online, from their phone or computer

Always know exactly who's paid and who's due

Create & send invoices electronically — no waiting on snail mail

Imagine: getting paid could be as easy as sending a text message

Meet Kim, Owner of Long Island Scuba. Kim collects payments using Payment Form, by Autobooks.

Payment Form is a payment link you can share with your customers anywhere, to let them pay electronically — directly into your business checking account.

When prospective students call Kim to ask about her classes, she tells them to make sure to pay their class fees before the day of the class.

They can find her Payment Form on her website — and when she hangs up the phone, she sends them a text message with a link to the form, too.

Since Kim's Payment Form is tied directly to her account, there's no waiting around or transfering money from a 3rd party system. The money goes right into her account.

Kim's students are happy that they don't have to write a check, find a stamp, and figure out Kim's business address to mail their payments in.

And Kim is happy that payments reach her account quickly and securely.

See how your Payment Form works in 60 seconds

You'll love...

  • Sharing your link everywhere you communicate with customers: on invoices, via text message, email, your website, and more.
  • Streamlining the process of accepting credit cards: no lockup period with a third-party processor.
  • Paying the lowest transaction fees on the market.

Your customers will love...

  • Getting to pay in the most convenient ways: by credit card or straight from their checking account.
  • Paying from wherever they are, at whatever time of day is most convenient — whether that's two feet away from you at noon, or 200 miles away from you at midnight.
  • Not having to search for their check book.

It takes less than 5 minutes to sign into your account & start using Autobooks.

Small Businesses, Churches, and Community Organizations Love Autobooks


"The Autobooks Payment Form is extremely easy to use for me and my customers! I simply email the link for credit card payment with my invoice. They (or I) can enter their credit card information securely. The money is deposited into my checking account, and I’m notified when the transaction is complete."

—Peter Frontiera,
Patriot Fluid Power

Churches & Non-Profits

"Autobooks makes it simpler for church members to give, and it's easier for our record keeping, too. To have one software, one system, all in one place, streamlines the payment process for all involved."

—Elias Garman,
Mill Creek Community Church

Teachers & Trainers

"Autobooks allows us to quickly collect payment from customers after a class. This is a wonderful addition to Autobooks that I have been looking forward to — less paperwork and less checks lying around is fantastic!"

—Giovanni Caponi,
First Response Training

Get started with Autobooks in 3 simple steps

Sign into your account and click the Autobooks tab.

Accept the Terms & Conditions, and answer a few questions to setup your account. This allows people to start paying you electronically!

Your Payment Form link will and invoicing tools will be ready and waiting for you inside your account.

Stop waiting days or weeks for payments to land: set up your Autobooks account today

Sign into your account now.

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